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Honda questions

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241. The left turn signal stopped workinпю
Honda, Accord, 2003

242. Check engine light has been going on and off for last 10-15K.
Honda, Pilot, 2010

243. The engine management light came on as well as the alternator non-charging light.
Honda, Civic SE, 2001

244. Car turns on, but after driving a few blocks, it'll stalls out.
Honda, Accord, 1995

245. 03 honda civic no heat.
Honda, Civic, 2003

246. AC problem
Honda, Accord, 2006

247. Engine overheating no obvious coolant leaks.
Honda, CRV LX, 2003

248. describe rumbling noise, seemingly coming from the front end
Honda, CRX Si, 1991

249. Trying to replace starter motor on a 95 Honda Accord
Honda, Accord, 1995

250. Is it possible to replace the A-frame on a 1989 Honda accord lxi that was bent?
Honda, Accord LXi, 1989

251. My automatic transmission is wacky.
Honda, Accord DX, 1988

252. Radio is going on and off. Any ideas? -img-
Honda, Prelude, 2001

253. Engine stumbles bad when you decelerate and then try to accelerate
Honda, CRX HF, 1991

254. Engine dies when heated-up!?
Honda, Accord, 1996

255. Brake lights on Accord not working.
Honda, Accord, 2004

256. 2002 Honda Civic.
Honda, Civic, 2002

257. I connected the brake fluid switch back up, started the car and the dash brake light was on.
Honda, Accord DX, 1986

258. Car does not want to start this morning
Honda, Civic, 2000

259. Turn signals work for a few blinks then the relay starts buzzing
Honda, Accord DX, 1993

260. Intermittent engine stalling?
Honda, Accord LX, 1994

261. A/C oil capacities ?
Honda, CRX Si, 1990

262. Timing belt worn-off within a week
Honda, CRX Si, 1987

263. i have code P0300 cylinder 2,4,5 mis fire detected
Honda, Odyssey EX-L, 2004

264. Need a clutch. Should I go to a dealer or can an average repair shop can handle it?
Honda, Accord EX, 1998

265. When steering to the right I hear high pitched squealing coming from front
Honda, Civic, 1995

266. Car sometimes would not start
Honda, Civic LX, 1993

267. I have a 1991 crx si that won't start.
Honda, 1991

268. The passenger power window does not work on my Civic.
Honda, Civic, 1997

269. '96 Accord 141,000 miles seems to be overheating
Honda, Accord, 1996

270. i turn the lights off but the rear lights on the car stay on
Honda, Accord EX, 1992

271. How to get the inside the door panel? -img-
Honda, CRV, 2004

272. Left rear wheel is tilted more than the right rear one, causing uneven tire wear.
Honda, CRV, 1998

273. After installing new battery in 4 days ca needs to be jumped
Honda, Accord, 1998

274. Where is the main relay located in a 1990 Honda Accord?
Honda, Accord, 1990

275. My Honda makes a hissing or blowing air noise when I step on the break.
Honda, Odessey, 2004

276. Can I replace the cam without having to remove the timing chain cover and slack off the chain tensioner? -img-
Honda, CRV, 2003

277. Just purchased a 2007 Honda Civic w/12000 miles.
Honda, Civic Hybrid, 2007

278. Car would run then I would turn it off.. -img-
Honda, CRX, 1987

279. I am looking for ways to inexpensively increase my fuel mileage and horse power.
Honda, Civic Si, 2004

280. Do I need to remove the suspension at the upper and lower ball joint to get the front hub off? -img-
Honda, Accord, 1995

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