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'96 Accord 141,000 miles seems to be overheating

Car: Honda, Accord, 1996, 2.2L     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord Repair Manuals

Q.'96 Accord -- 141,000 miles -- seems to be overheating; coolant going somewhere though oil looks okay. Replaced small diameter hose between engine and firewall. With gauge in the red zone, hottest temp I can find is top of the radiator at 190F. Installed new 180F thermostat. Secondary fan only comes on when in the red zone OR when turn on the AC. Troubleshooting code PO117 says "ECT sensor 1 circuit low voltage" with probably causes of "open or short circuit condition" or "poor electrical connection" or "faulty IAT sensor". One sensor near thermostat; another where upper hose connects to engine. Unable to even locate IAT sensor. How do I know which of two obvious ECT sensors is the one which has low voltage? Though one of these two locations seems to control fan as fan shuts OFF when I unplug it.

I already checked/done: Installed new thermostat/gasket.
Replaced leaking small diameter line between engine and firewall (some kind of heater for PVC to air intake -- metal -- line?).
Remove debris from front of radiator and clean radiator AND AC condensing coils thoroughly by spraying water backwards through them. Use heat gun to check actual temps -- found 190F at top of radiator, lower hose at 170F, upper hose at 160F,
Thermostat housing = 162 on side between stat and hose; 180 on the other side. (All temps read with gauge needle in the red/danger zone.) Can run it with heater on HIGH and fan on HIGH with gauge needle at 2/3 to 3/4 but with AC ON it quickly zooms into the red/danger zone. Secondary fan comes on with AC but otherwise does NOT come on OR maybe doesn't come on until engine gets REALLY hot (doesn't seem right). Half of radiator covered with debris was only on the OTHER side (passenger side) where previous mechanic jury-rigged fan to run whenever engine is running.

More Info required Ok this is the only code you have and the fan does operate correctly correct?

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