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Intermittent engine stalling?

Car: Honda, Accord LX, 1994     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord LX Repair Manuals

Q.Intermittent engine stalling?.....
1) 2wks ago, starting the engine and driving out to the street in about 1-2 miles, coming to a stop sign and stopped my car, and after stopping and putting on gas to drive up, then, the engine stalled. The engine didn''t start up right away; waiting for a minute or two, tried again and the engine started up, but stalled again soon after driving several yards. Repeating the same procedure....waiting 1-2 mintues and started the engine and drove a little, then, stalled again. This time I waited about 45 min- 60 min., then, the engine started up right away and no engine stall and normal driving. The next day I took the car to a Honda dealer and have them take a look; they found no issues and even a technician took the car home for the night just in case and drove back next morning, but he found no sign of engine stall.
2) Today, after 2 wks since then, I experienced the engine stall again in a very similar manner....what would be the issue?

More Info required It's really hard to say. Are you having any RPM gauge issues?
When it doesn't restart after it stalls do you have dash indicator lights?

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