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We have a number of PDF files requested in the past by our members. They all listed on this page and available for request by email.

1. Fight Your Ticket144 Kb 36 pages
2. PA Senate Bill 285p N 292152 Kb 4 pages
3. Beat Speeding Ticket412 Kb 52 pages

Ordered files usually arrive in your email box within 20 minutes.

Online materials

   - OBD-II - Onboard Diagnostics Code Database
   - Troubleshoot "No Start" and other symptoms
   - CRX Specifications
   - Additional information on Honda ECUs and Motors
   - Differences Between the 2nd generation CRX-es.
   - ECU Trouble Codes
   - CRX Engine Identification Codes
   - CRX Engine Assembly Data and Torque specs
   - CRX/Civic Oil Capacities and Temperature ranges