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Honda questions

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81. i have a 96 civic ex driver door window switch not working.
Honda, Civic EX, 1996

82. My ECU display says my problem is with my ignition output
Honda, Prelude, 1989

83. My car will not start - just makes a buzzing sound.
Honda, Accord, 2003

84. My car won't start after trying to read OBDII.
Honda, Odyssey, 2001

85. My clutch pedal all the way down and there is no pressure against my foot.
Honda, Civic DX, 1992

86. Clutch is gone... -img-
Honda, Civic, 1991

87. i just had a clutch replaced
Honda, Accord, 1997

88. Shaking, rubbing/grinding noise when in gear
Honda, Civic HX, 1998

89. Clutch problem
Honda, Accord, 2008

90. Electrical problem - I his a bump!
Honda, Accord, 1991

91. Car won't start at times.
Honda, Prelude, 1998

92. What might have caused my left rear wheel to sieze up on my Accord?
Honda, Accord, 1986

93. Ballpark price for clutch replacement on 04 Honda Element?
Honda, Element, 2004

94. How do I replace a clutch on a 1997 Honda Civic LX?
Honda, Civic LX, 1997

95. Scattered a Z motor
Honda, CRX, 1991

96. What maintenance should be done at 60,000 miles on a 2006 Honda Accord 6 cyl?
Honda, Accord, 2006

97. my accord wont start.
Honda, Accord LX, 1993

98. When I release the emergency brake, the BRAKE light dont' go out?
Honda, Accord EX, 1999

99. my car wont start .
Honda, Civic LX, 1994

100. When driving engine will die and..
Honda, Accord, 1998

101. The saga continues..
Honda, Civic DX, 2001

102. clutch pedal sometimes will not come back up on its own.
Honda, Civic, 1994

103. 79,000 miles a timing belt job due?
Honda, Odyssey, 2002

104. how do you replace a clutch slave cylinder on a 99 honda passport? -img-
Honda, Passport, 1999

105. 2004 honda crv a/c clutch and coil replacement. -img-
Honda, CRV, 2004

106. the clutch is spongy, goes to floor
Honda, Civic, 1996

107. For some reason if I plug in the MAP Sensor the car will idle rough and die. -img-
Honda, Civic DX, 1995

108. Car starts and runs for about 6 seconds then engine dies.
Honda, Accord, 1994

109. how do you drop the oil pan on a 95 honda accord. -img-
Honda, Accord, 1995

110. Prelude idling problem -img-
Honda, Prelude, 1989

111. Heater problem
Honda, Accord XL, 1995

112. 90 thousand timing belt replacement question
Honda, Civic LX, 2001

113. The fuel pump is not pumping.
Honda, Civic, 1993

114. Clutch question. Do I need to replace it? -img-
Honda, Del-Sol, 1995

115. I have a 97 prelude that won't start.
Honda, Prelude, 1997

116. My CRX has no power -img-
Honda, CRX DX, 1991

117. My clutch went out on my 98' Honda Civic. -img-
Honda, Civic, 1998

118. I am having some sort of electrical issue with my Accord
Honda, Accord, 2003

119. The wires on the back of the front driver's side turn signal bulb have fallen off. -img-
Honda, Accord LX, 1999

120. Loud pitched squeel ...
Honda, Civic EX, 2004

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