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2002 Honda Civic.

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Q.2002 Honda Civic. Automatic transmission failed. It was rebuilt.
Shortly after returning to service, vehicle would not move in any gear. Mechanic stated the flex plate failed. Installed new flex plate....the flywheel I would call it, and the car ran fine. My son was driving the other day...pulling slowly out of a service station in D. The car was warmed up. The car began to over rev, moving forward at increasing speed....without his foot on the gas pedal.
My son told me he applied the brakes but that they did not seem to be working. He applied the E brake and then turn the car off.
After restarting everything seemed fine. What could cause this problem with the over reving and brake issue. Could it be the throttle stuck and the brake issue just seemed funny to him....or could there be a condition with this vehicle that caused an over rev and brake issue. The car has been running fine since this incident several days ago. Could it be a sensor or sticking throttle.

Answer The throttle may have become stuck as you suggested. If he has a floor mat on that side that got bunched up under the pedals this could happen. There are supposed to be hooks in the floor for the factory mats to attach to.
I wonder if that is all that has happened.
When the car is racing it is harder to brake which would explain why they felt funny to him.

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