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My automatic transmission is wacky.

Car: Honda, Accord DX, 1988     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord DX Repair Manuals

Q.I have an 88 Honda Accord DX 4dr 4 sp automatic transmission. I rebuilt the carburetor put it back on hooked up all the vacuum lines.
The carb works fine, but when I drive it the transmission (when in 4th) shifts down when I am going downgrade and up when I am going upgrade, in other words it's doing just backwards of what it should do. Trans fluid is fine.

Answer Your problem is caused by the throttle cable adjustment.
The throttle cable is the cable that runs from the carb to the trans. If this cable is not adjusted correctly it will cause the converter to hunt at cruise. Two ways of adjusting neither of which are out of the book. The lever that the cable is attached to on the trans should start to move when the rpms begin to rise when hot in park at idle. Have someone press the accell.
While you watch the lever. When the rpms begin to rise the lever should begin to move. This is a good starting point for I have found that with older transmissions you need to drive the vehicle a.. >> login for more

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