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Just purchased a 2007 Honda Civic w/12000 miles.

Car: Honda, Civic Hybrid, 2007     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Civic Hybrid Repair Manuals

Q.Just purchased a 2007 Honda Civic w/12000 miles. When we test drove it the salesman made a big deal about the fact when you come to a stop light or stop sign the gasoline engine cut off and the electric motor kicked in which saves fuel. Now that I bought it the gasoline engine does not kick off at a stop ....I am reading on line that this may be an issue with this model Hybrid. Just my luck. What is the fix to this issue? I purchased a lifetime wrap around warranty at ..$1800. tHANKS.

More Info required I need to ask a couple questions.
What is the outside temperature where you are at?
Where do you have the heater control set at? (defrost?, auto?)
What speed do you have the fan set on?

- 2 more follow-ups included in this question discussion..

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