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  1. 1987 Honda Accord LX W/ Carburator Idling Problems
    Honda, Accord LX, 1987
  2. replaced the transmission with another transmission it will shift into 1 and 2 but no..
    Subaru, Outback, 1997
  3. no power to fuel pump, no spark
    Ford, Galaxy, 1998
  4. Loud pitched squeel ...
    Honda, Civic EX, 2004
  5. Check engine light, running rough and more...
    Subaru, Legacy, 1998
  6. Can you put a 6 speed MT in a 1994 Acura Legend?
    Acura, Legend, 1994
  7. How do you get to the evaporator in a 1999 Ford Taurus
    Ford, Taurus, 1999
  8. how do you remove the speed governor on a vr6 jetta gls?
    Volkswagen, Jetta, 2003
  9. How to change the brake pads in a 03 C320? -img-
    Mercedes-Benz, C320, 2003
  10. i am trying to put a performance chip on mitsubishi eclipse -img-
    Mitsubishi, Eclipse, 2001
  11. Timing belt question -img-
    Honda, Civic, 1998
  12. Coolant circulation question
    Acura, EL, 2004
  13. Where the heck is the oil filter? -img-
    Ford, F250, 2005
  14. Is it possible to replace the A-frame on a 1989 Honda accord lxi that was bent?
    Honda, Accord LXi, 1989
  15. My 2001 Volvo S60 moon/sunroof won't close and is halfway open.
    Volvo, S60, 2001
  16. My car is giving me problems it wouldn't start...
    Acura, Integra, 2000
  17. Removing rear spark plug on 2001 Passport
    Honda, Passport, 2001
  18. replace passager brakelight bulb
    Honda, CRV, 2004
  19. Subaru transmission
    Subaru, Outback, 2003
  20. What could cause the oil plug to fall out of the pan?
    Subaru, Legacy, 2003
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