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  1. Over 2K RPM my Volvo has no power
    Volvo, 740, 1985
  2. Check engine light came on.
    Honda, Civic, 1988
  3. After installing new battery in 4 days ca needs to be jumped
    Honda, Accord, 1998
  4. driver’s window will go down but not up
    Ford, Taurus, 2000
  5. Engine Mechanical problem
    Ford, Mustang Cobra, 2003
  6. I got a yellow check engine light while driving on the highway.
    Subaru, Outback, 2001
  7. My civic is buring too much fuel
    Honda, Civic, 1999
  8. How do I reattach the latch for the sunroof.
    Honda, Acord LX, 1996
  9. A/C causes overheat
    Acura, CL, 1999
  10. the car will no start, just keeps cranking
    Honda, Civic, 1999
  11. alarm wont disarm -img-
    Volkswagen, Golf, 1996
  12. Vibration at 1500 rpm whether increasing or decreasing speed
    Honda, Pilot, 1500
  13. I hear a buzzing in the front passengers side when i first start the car.
    Acura, Integra, 1994
  14. My 04 MDX Climate control Blows Ice cold when set to 60 but real hot when set to 61.
    , 2004
  15. My 1989 honda crx si will not start, i was driving and it just started to stutter and..
    Honda, 1989
  16. My Accord's left signal stopped working. -img-
    Honda, Accord, 2003
  17. My automatic transmission 2000 subaru outback stalls when i brake at intersections.
    Subaru, Outback, 2000
  18. Studdars at slow take off
    Acura, CL, 2001
  19. Subaru outback overheating.
    Subaru, Outback, 1999
  20. Touareg power loss at high rpm.
    Volkswagen, Touareg, 2004
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