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  1. Brake Pedal Stiff and builing pressure, Brakes locking up.
    Honda, Accord, 1990
  2. 2001 camry temp gauge
    Toyota, Camry, 2001
  3. the lights on the radio and dash went out.
    Honda, Accord, 2004
  4. ECU light comes on and stays on with a no start condition.
    Honda, Civic, 1991
  5. are there any aftermarket performance chips worth installing on 04 passat?
    Volkswagen, Passat, 2004
  6. I hear a metal sound when start cold.
    Toyota, Corolla LE, 2005
  7. I have a 1992 acura legend Ls sedan and have had it with the motor.
    Acura, Legend, 1992
  8. I have a 1994 honda prelude and the front left wheel has come off!
    Honda, Prelude, 1994
  9. Sporatic idling
    Acura, CL, 2001
  10. High RPS while engine is cold
    Acura, Legend, 1989
  11. My Honda run-away like crazy
    Honda, Accord EX, 1991
  12. My clutch pedal all the way down and there is no pressure against my foot.
    Honda, Civic DX, 1992
  13. Replacing heater/air conditioner switch
    Acura, TSX, 2009
  14. It is more difficult to switch from park to drive than normal
    Honda, Accord, 2004
  15. My CRX will crank but wont start
    Honda, CRX, 1989
  16. Engine cuts out with no warnign after an hour or so
    Audi, A4, 2002
  17. Need to reset radio on a 1996 Prelude.
    Honda, Prelude, 1996
  18. steps taken to reprogram car key after red key was turned on in switch
    Honda, accura, 1999
  19. Temperature gage off scale hot (with alarm)
    Dodge, Sport, 1995
  20. The brakes on my Corolla are squeaking slightly when I brake.
    Toyota, Corolla, 1998
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