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  1. can not go reverse on my car
    V6, LE, 1993
  2. My ECU display says my problem is with my ignition output
    Honda, Prelude, 1989
  3. Overheated due to a failed T stat which was replaced -img-
    Honda, Accord, 1993
  4. How do I change the dome lights in the Driver/shotgun seats?
    Acura, MDX, 2006
  5. How do I get the crank shaft bolt off? -img-
    Acura, Integra, 1988
  6. Overheated once i've heard steam from the reservior on a couple of occasions
    Acura, TL, 2000
  7. The left turn signal stopped workinпю
    Honda, Accord, 2003
  8. I have pulled the fault codes and they are as follows. -img-
    Ford, Mustang GT, 1989
  9. I hear a buzzing in the front passengers side when i first start the car.
    Acura, Integra, 1994
  10. It is more difficult to switch from park to drive than normal
    Honda, Accord, 2004
  11. My 1989 honda crx si will not start, i was driving and it just started to stutter and..
    Honda, 1989
  12. My 2004 Civic EX has started to shake when I am putting the car in first gear.
    Honda, Civic, 2004
  13. Car wont' start
    Acura, Integra LS, 1996
  14. My clutch went out on my 98' Honda Civic. -img-
    Honda, Civic, 1998
  15. My Honda makes a hissing or blowing air noise when I step on the break.
    Honda, Odessey, 2004
  16. tail lights blinking on and off very fast
    GMC, Yukon, 1995
  17. Removing the crank pulley, is the nut that holds it on reverse threaded?
    Acura, TL, 1997
  18. Car dies on the road!!
    Acura, RL, 1998
  19. what is wrong with my subaru if it will turnover but will not start?
    Subaru, Legacy, 1996
  20. Where is the ATS located on a 2004 hyundai tiburon and what color are the wires? -img-
    Hyundai, Tiburon, 2004
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