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  1. Alternator light and check engine light on.
    Honda, CRX DX, 1988
  2. 1996 ford taurus does not turnover -img-
    Ford, Taurus, 1996
  3. no power to fuel pump, no spark
    Ford, Galaxy, 1998
  4. Stalls intermittantly, difficult to restart..
    Acura, CL, 1999
  5. 2003 Avalon Toyata
    Toyota, Avalon, 2003
  6. 2010 subaru door mirror
    Subaru, Forester, 2010
  7. Why have Audi/VW introduced dual mass flywheels?
    Audi, A3, 2007
  8. Alarm kill switch will not alow car to start after battery change.
    Subaru, Legacy, 1993
  9. are there any aftermarket performance chips worth installing on 04 passat?
    Volkswagen, Passat, 2004
  10. blinking gear indicator light
    Dodge, ram1500, 2002
  11. Civic loosing power after driving it 30 mimutes
    Honda, Civic, 2001
  12. Heater is an issue...
    Honda, Odyssey EX, 2000
  13. Check engine light
    Honda, CRX Si, 1991
  14. Water pump and timing belt replacement price for 1999 acura integra.
    Acura, Integra, 1999
  15. How much should it cost to have both front and rear calibers changed?
    Acura, Integra, 1999
  16. My CRX dies for no reason -img-
    Honda, CRX, 1990
  17. I hear a metal sound when start cold.
    Toyota, Corolla LE, 2005
  18. My 04 MDX has a CEL light & occasional VTM-4 light that keeps coming on.
    Acura, MDX, 2004
  19. Integra blowing the ECM fuse underneath the hood
    Acura, Integra GS, 2015
  20. Removing the crank pulley, is the nut that holds it on reverse threaded?
    Acura, TL, 1997
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