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Need a clutch. Should I go to a dealer or can an average repair shop can handle it?

Car: Honda, Accord EX, 1998     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord EX Repair Manuals

Q.98 Honda Accord EX needs clutch in Gaffney, SC area. Should I go to a dealer or can an average repair shop handle a clutch replacement.
How long would you expect the repair to take (including getting the parts)? I am far from home, so if you know of good locals please share the information.

Answer An independent repair shop should be able to replace the clutch as well as a dealer can do the job and it may be less expensive.

They will want to inspect the clutch and it depends on what they find as to the extent of the repair but if it is a straightforward clutch replacement it should take 6.2 hours of labor to replace the clutch disc and pressure plate.
If the flywheel needs to be machined that will be an extra charge. The parts are readily available so that should not be a problem

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