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Simplified Car Lease checker

This Siplified Lease Checker developed for Educational purpose only and does not reflect the actual Car Lease values!
Calculator results can NOT be used as exact values for any Car Lease. It is developed as a help tool only to spot possible hidden costs in a Car Lease!
Calculations done by official formula Car Dealers use and helped many people spot the hidden charges Car Dealers use to get an undisclosed profits. Figures always match to the penny with dealer's calculator.
Please seek a professional car lease specialist help before signing your lease!

This form only works on Close-end Lease.

Lease Type:
Money Factor:
MSRP / Sticker Price:
Agreed/Invoice Price plus options:
Residual Value %%:   enter %% in digits, i.e. 59
Lease Term / Months:
State Lease Tax %:   State Sales Tax usually different
Trade-in value:
Money Down:

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