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Engine stumbles bad when you decelerate and then try to accelerate

Car: Honda, CRX HF, 1991     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX HF Repair Manuals

Q.1991 crx hf -all stock. Engine stumbles bad when you decelerate(come down hill) and then try to accelerate. It will idle fine, and when you try take off it stumbles untill thottle is blip several timesand then runs fine untill next decel. any help PLEASE

I already checked/done: plugs cap rotor

Answer Greetings! You could have a bad oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor is very important to control not only the cars emissions but it also helps the vehicals performance! If it is not working properly it can result in a number of problems like rough running stalling hesitating bucking and jerking. But more common than that if it is lazy, the cars gas miledge can drop considerably, and sometimes not even set a check engine light on the dash!
The fuel control Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S 1) is mounted in the exhaust manifold where it can monitor the oxygen content of the exhaust gas stream. The oxygen present in the exhaust gas re.. >> login for more

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