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Honda questions

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121. Does it take any special tools to replace the front brake rotors and pads?
Honda, Accord LX, 1996

122. PGM-FI light comes on, led on PCM flashes 12 times -img-
Honda, Prelude Si, 1986

123. I own a 2007 Civic sedan which constantly cups rear tires.
Honda, Civic, 2007

124. Engine light is on.
Honda, Civic, 1999

125. Accord's S switch is blinking -img-
Honda, Accord EX, 1991

126. Accord wont start at times when its hot outside but will start in the morning.
Honda, Accord, 1991

127. I am replacing my timing belt -img-
Honda, Accord LX, 1987

128. Where is the flasher module located? -img-
Honda, CRV, 2003

129. Civic overheating still!
Honda, Civic, 1995

130. Honda insight is showing SBD air bag warning light.
Honda, Insight, 2000

131. When I start my car cold, the idling is rough and rather slow.
Honda, Accord, 1996

132. How much should a complete brake job on both front brakes cost?
Honda, Civic EX, 2002

133. My car bumped against a concrete stop
Honda, Accord, 1997

134. Check engine light
Honda, CRX Si, 1991

135. When car goes from first to second, it seems to jolt or get stuck
Honda, Accord, 2002

136. egr error code kicks off the check engine light -img-
Honda, Accord, 1996

137. Rubbing noise from tranny
Honda, Civic EX, 2003

138. CRX misses or stutters upon acceleration
Honda, CRX, 1989

139. Some times the d4 light in dash begins to blink after cranking and the engine wont start -img-
Honda, Accord, 1993

140. How to remove the evaporator and reintall?
Honda, Accord DX, 1992

141. Timing belt question -img-
Honda, Civic, 1998

142. Car is overheating and is losing antifreeze I can't find any leaks.
Honda, Civic EX, 2005

143. A few things going on with my Honda.
Honda, Accord, 1990

144. Error codes -img-
Honda, Civic Si, 2000

145. My car did not pass test with NO ppm.
Honda, Accord, 1993

146. My Prelude was vandalized, possibly something damaging was poured into gas tank.
Honda, Prelude, 1993

147. Whenever I press in my clutch, my car stalls.
Honda, Prelude, 1997

148. My 2004 Honda Accord's emergency brake never felt quite right, like it wasn't engaging.
Honda, Accord, 2004

149. How to replace rear brakes on a Honda Civic 2001? -img-
Honda, Civic, 2001

150. I am trying to replace the left rear strut.
Honda, S2000, 2006

151. just installed rebuilt...
Honda, Civic EX, 1998

152. Clutch pedal went to the floor and stayed there.
Honda, Accord, 1992

153. This is my first car.
Honda, Accord, 2006

154. My 2005 Accord is just hitting 30,000 miles. What should I do service wise?
Honda, Accord, 2005

155. My 06 Pilot has had a large drop in mpg from 20 to 15, what could be the problem?
Honda, Pilot, 2006

156. ECU light comes on and stays on with a no start condition.
Honda, Civic, 1991

157. Engine spotter
Honda, Jazz, 2003

158. My CRX has burned through 10 batteries and 2 alternators -img-
Honda, CRX, 1989

159. my accord headlights do not work
Honda, Accord LX, 1990

160. recently my prelude has developed a serious oil leak
Honda, Prelude, 1999

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