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Check engine light has been going on and off for last 10-15K.

Car: Honda, Pilot, 2010     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Repair Manuals

Q.My 2006 Pilot has 91K miles, and the check engine light has been going on and off for last 10-15K. When i contacted my dealer, he suggested taking off the gas lid and putting it on properly. Within a few days, the light would go off. This happened repeatedly. Last week, my car passed NJ inspection, and my car underwent a 90K checkup. A few days later, my check engine light reappeared, so i decided enough was enough and brought it to the dealer today. He now says i need a catalytic converter, and it would cost roughly 1K. Because the cat conv warranty was only 80K and because i had expressed my concerns before and even followed the dealer's suggestion, i thought i was not responsible for the fix. But he pointed out that if the cat converter was causing the initial check engine lights, the light would never shut off. So my prior check engine lights was because of the gas cap and not the the cat converter. While i negotiated a reduced bill, i believe the warranty should still apply.

Answer The P0420 code that set's for catalyst efficiency often comes and goes in it's early stages when it's still at the threshold for setting the code, It was likely never the gas cap that caused the problem. Since the dealer isn't offering to replace the converter for you what you'll want to do is contact Honda Customer Care at 1-800-999-1009 and explain to them what happened, and that the dealer told you to tighten your gas cap instead of inspecting the vehicle, they'll likely take care of it for you.

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