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describe rumbling noise, seemingly coming from the front end

Car: Honda, CRX Si, 1991     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX Si Repair Manuals

Q.91 CRX Si, 5 speed manual with 207K. I've recently developed a hard to describe "rumbling" noise, seemingly coming from the front end. Noticed it about 5k ago. Was real subtle at first, inaudible, but I swore I could feel something thru the steering wheel and gas pedal. Last 500 miles the noise became umistakeably audible, starting around 45 MPH and only when under load. Never when cruising on the level, coasting, or decelerating in gear with clutch engaged. Noise/vibration goes away when I let up on the throttle. Had a bad CV (clicking) so I replaced the "offending" side driveshaft. Noise/vibration still there. Replaced the other "offending" side driveshaft. Noise still there and very quickly getting worse, as well as, occurring at lower speeds. Doesn't seem to get appreciably worse when turning. Wheel bearing? Tranny output bearing? Didn't notice any play when the front end off the ground. Does the drive shaft assembly perhaps prevent movement, even with a bad bearing? Never tried to check the bearings while replacing driveshafts. If it was a tranny bearing, wouldn't it exhibit a similar noise/vibration while decelerating in gear? Between jobs right now, so a tranny bearing would be unfortunate. As a side note: I had a vibration in the front end when I installed a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks. Kept rotating around and found a setup that was acceptably smooth below 70. Figured it was a wheel vs. tire problem. Put on my Sumatoya's with aftermarket wheels this summer and that's when I first noticed the noise/vibration. Any ideas. Please advise. Thanks.........Randy

Answer Well it definately sounds like the front wheel bearings have gotten dirt in them and wore out including lack of grease these are not that difficult to change as for a tranny bearing you would hear it when down shifting etc even if there isnt free play these bearings go bad more often from lack of grease to replace front bearings

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