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My Car Review - 2011 Honda Civic DX-VP

I have leased a brand new 2011 Honda Civic DX-VP on March 16 2011 for 24 months from local Honda dealer.

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2011 Honda Civic DX-VP image - Front Shot 2011 Honda Civic DX-VP image - Rear Shot 2011 Honda Civic DX-VP image - Under The Hood 1 2011 Honda Civic DX-VP image - Under The Hood


I will try my best in describing how this particular car performs, what it takes to maintain it by including statistics I have collected during the term of the lease - Maintenance Records.

Lease details:

Lease has no Disposition Fee - means no return fee upon returned of the vehicle.
It is "Closed-End Lease Agreement" - means that Leasing company is responsible for gains or loses in retail value of the car at the end of the lease if it is returned with 24,000 miles on it without excessive wear and tear.

First Impression of the car:

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