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Car sometimes would not start

Car: Honda, Civic LX, 1993     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Civic LX Repair Manuals

Q.1993 Civic LX 1.5 - Once in a great while engine will not start one day & the next day it starts fine. Getting a spark, thinking it was a fuel problem. I understand this vehicle has an oil pressure relay switch that deactivates momentarily the fuel pump if low oil pressure is sensed. Could this be the problem? And if so, where is it located? Any other possibilities welcomed.

I already checked/done: Checked for spark, OK, suspect fuel problem

Answer To my knowledge there isn't and never was a cut off that sensed low oil pressure. I have seen cars run without oil in them for a few miles and the fuel never cut off.
The main fuel relays are known to go bad. What happens is they heat up when in use and cool down when off. This heating and coolin causes the curcuit board to expand and contract and eventualy break. Since you feel its a fuel problem this would be a good starting point for you.
The main relay is locate under the dash on the drivers side. Between the steering column and the left side of the body. Its usually in either a brown or grey box thats is rectangular i.. >> login for more

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