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Honda / Accord questions

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41. I am replacing my timing belt -img-
Honda, Accord LX, 1987

42. When I start my car cold, the idling is rough and rather slow.
Honda, Accord, 1996

43. My car bumped against a concrete stop
Honda, Accord, 1997

44. When car goes from first to second, it seems to jolt or get stuck
Honda, Accord, 2002

45. egr error code kicks off the check engine light -img-
Honda, Accord, 1996

46. Some times the d4 light in dash begins to blink after cranking and the engine wont start -img-
Honda, Accord, 1993

47. How to remove the evaporator and reintall?
Honda, Accord DX, 1992

48. A few things going on with my Honda.
Honda, Accord, 1990

49. My car did not pass test with NO ppm.
Honda, Accord, 1993

50. My 2004 Honda Accord's emergency brake never felt quite right, like it wasn't engaging.
Honda, Accord, 2004

51. Clutch pedal went to the floor and stayed there.
Honda, Accord, 1992

52. This is my first car.
Honda, Accord, 2006

53. My 2005 Accord is just hitting 30,000 miles. What should I do service wise?
Honda, Accord, 2005

54. my accord headlights do not work
Honda, Accord LX, 1990

55. my right turn signal doesn't work on my 03 accord.
Honda, Accord, 2003

56. Right front brake wont release after brakes are pressed.
Honda, Accord, 1990

57. Antifreeze and transaxle fluid running out of engine/transaxle block.
Honda, Accord EX, 1996

58. The car is having a difficult time going into gear
Honda, Accord, 1999

59. My Accord needs driver side upper ball joint replacement
Honda, Accord EX, 1999

60. I just replaced the clutch slave cylinder
Honda, Accord, 1995

61. My brake lights don't work when I stepped on the brake pedal
Honda, Accord, 2004

62. 2003 Honda Accord has both rear brake lights out. -img-
Honda, Accord EX, 2003

63. Accord is randomlly stalling
Honda, Accord LX, 1999

64. My car has been in the shop for transmission repair -img-
Honda, Accord, 1999

65. heat seems to always be on. -img-
Honda, Accord, 2000

66. My honda accord taking longer to start.
Honda, Accord, 2001

67. Honda accord 1980 sedan - brake lights.
Honda, Accord, 1980

68. 1992 HONDA Accord Head removal. -img-
Honda, Accord, 1992

69. Navigation question -img-
Honda, Accord, 2006

70. I turn the lights switch on on the first click then the fuse pops.
Honda, Accord LX, 1991

71. An intermittent brake problem.
Honda, Accord LXi, 1989

72. My Accord's left signal stopped working. -img-
Honda, Accord, 2003

73. Fan runs on cold engine -img-
Honda, Accord LX, 1995

74. It is more difficult to switch from park to drive than normal
Honda, Accord, 2004

75. I replaced the break pads and car takes a little longer to stop
Honda, Accord EX, 2001

76. 1991 honda accord lx, front blinker does not blink, back blinker goes too fast.
Honda, Accord LX, 1991

77. I changed my tail light and turn signal bulbs.
Honda, Accord LX, 1991

78. Automatic transmission - cost to have it replaced.
Honda, Accord, 2002

79. My Honda run-away like crazy
Honda, Accord EX, 1991

80. Car looses at least 1 quart of oil between my 3000 mile oil changes.
Honda, Accord, 2000

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