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Antifreeze and transaxle fluid running out of engine/transaxle block.

Car: Honda, Accord EX, 1996, Vtech 3.3     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord EX Repair Manuals

Q.I have antifreeze and transaxle fluid running out of engine/transaxle block.
Area is located on the drivers side on the back side corner at a level of just below the intake ports but right near that corner where the timing belthousing is located on the backside of the block.
Radiator and transaxle are empty. Added more fluids and both just run right out of this area.

Answer Sounds like the coolant is leaking from the waterpump weep hole and the balance shaft seal may be leaking under the cover. I don't think your transaxle is leaking based on the location of the leak.
You'll need to pull off the timing covers and replace the waterpump and balance shaft seal and install a retainer to keep the balance shaft seal from popping out in the future.

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