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An intermittent brake problem.

Car: Honda, Accord LXi, 1989     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord LXi Repair Manuals

Q.1989 Honda Accord LXi 2 door with an intermittent brake problem. When the car is stopped, sometimes it will creep forward although the pedal is all the way to the floor. It doesnt do this every time and Ive not been able to correlate it to anything like amount of time driving. The car does not get driven a lot, mostly by my 2 teen kids for local trips maybe every other day.
Background: a local auto service chain did the brakes in July 2008. New front calipers, rotors, & brake fluid. Since then, in addition to the creeping incidents, the pedal seems softer than before & can easily press it to the floor. Also, if the parking brake is appliedit will hold the car in place. A couple weeks after this brake job, I took it back because of the occasional creep forward and soft pedal. They drove it and did whatever testing they could and pronounced it OK. drove it and did whatever testing they could and pronounced it OK could not find any issues.

Answer Ok the most common problem is the brake master cylinder is bad which is causing all these problems very common and easily fixed, you can tell by opening the hood looking at the brake master cylinder underneath where it attaches to the brake booster will be discolored or rusted or wet telling you the master cylinder is leaking nead to replace the master cylinder bleed the brakes to fix this problems around 150 for the part and 100 labor also check the rear wheel cylinders have them pullback the rubber boots to see if they are leaking.

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