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1992 HONDA Accord Head removal.

Car: Honda, Accord, 1992, 4 cyl     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord Repair Manuals

Q.1992 HONDA Accord Head removal.

Answer here's the procedure for head removal.
NOTE: Engine removal is not required in this procedure.
Inspect the timing belt before removing the cylinder head.
Turn the crankshaft so that the No. 1 cylinder is at top dead center (TDC).
Mark all emissions hoses before disconnecting them.

CAUTION: To avoid damaging the cylinder head, wait until the engine coolant temperature drops below 38C (10OF) before loosening the head bolts.
If the vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft radio, be sure to get the five digit code from the customer BEFORE disconnecting the battery.
Failure to do this may render the radio inoperative.
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