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Rubbing noise from tranny

Car: Honda, Civic EX, 2003, vtec     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Civic EX Repair Manuals

Q.Honda Civic EX 2003 Manual trans: I am hearing a noise that changes with vehicle speed and with gear changes but is not related to wheel rotation speed.
Almost would describe as a rubbing noise but is almost a dull clicking like the teeth of the flywheel rubbing against something. Loudest in first gear when the torque is greatest especially when decelerating. The noise is still audible in higher gears but is less noticeable with each higher gear. Noise disappears with the clutch disengaged. Any idea what I am looking for? Could it be a bearing in the transaxle?

Answer This is most likely a trans bearing. These cars have a history of input bearing failures. You can try draining the fluid and checking for metal. But from what you are describing you have a bad bearing. These dont usually damage the other components as long as you catch them early so dont drive it too much until you fix it.

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