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I own a 2007 Civic sedan which constantly cups rear tires.

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Q.I own a 2007 Civic sedan which constantly cups rear tires. Honda changed the rear control arms with an updated version but within 12000KM another set of rear tires were cupped. What is the answer to this Honda civic disaster?

Answer Which model Civic sedan do you have (ex. DX, LX, EX, Hybrid)? This is a pretty good example of what cupping is:
Cupping can be caused by an unbalanced tire condition, faulty wheel bearings, loose parts, fatigued springs or weak shock absorbers. Check the condition of the shock by forcefully bouncing the front end of the car several times and releasing it on the down stroke. Failure of the vehicle to settle after two strokes suggests worn shocks or struts.
Now do you haul anything in the rear of your car? Did your car have an alignment with the replacement of the control arm? I would recommend to have the wheels balanced & .. >> login for more

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