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My CRX has burned through 10 batteries and 2 alternators

Car: Honda, CRX, 1989, 1.5L     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX Repair Manuals

Q.My 1989 Honda CRX has burned through est. 10 batteries + two alternators. I have replaced the stereo twice; the cd changer twice + yet there is still something drawing down a brand new, one week old battery. A year ago another car crashed into my driver's side door + shortly thereafter the seat belt light, door light and seat belt beeper would beep incessantly. The door got fixed but the seat belt still beeps...There is also a clicking sound in this door which the auto body guy said might be a solenoid connected with the aftermarket car alarm I installed in 1991 when I got the car. I have had my seat belt buckle replaced once per Honda. Should I take it to the car alarm installer next or to a car electrical specialist? My car mechanic spent two days with it two weeks ago checking electrical clues. The battery then died; I got a tuneup and a new battery last Friday. On Sat. the new battery died. Got a new alternator on Monday. The battery drained after that again...Help!

Answer It sounds like you have a bad current draw somewhere in the car. We will need to isolate where it may be coming from. I will need a little more information about the car please. What engine do you have & transmission? Please let me know so I can further assist you.

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