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Civic overheating still!

Car: Honda, Civic, 1995     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Civic Repair Manuals

Q.My Honda overheating still! Please help. No apparent leaks or water in the oil. Blows out steam and water thru overflow tube to reservoir. Fans cycle on/off. Replaced radiator (twice, one defective), cap (twice, one defective), thermostat (twice, just in case defective), hoses, waterpump (definately needed), timing belt. Added water/coolant mixture. Bled air out properly. Drove fine two weeks. Had also had intermittent miss which led to a no-start. Replaced coil, plugs and wires. Resolved. Now again, overheating blowing out overflow hose and engine missing. Another apparent problem is the exhaust pipe broken off at muffler.

Answer You are going to need a head gasket replacement.
Honda engine head gaskets fail this way often on older cars. What happens is the combustion pressure bypasses the gasket into the cooling system. This causes air pockets and lack of coolant circulation. If you bleed the air out again, it will not over heat for a while until the air pocket builds again.

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