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Car: Honda, Civic Si, 2000, B16A2     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Civic Si Repair Manuals

Q.I have a 2000 Honda SI. The CEL is on and I have pulled 3 generic codes, the first it was fuel trim malfunction, system one rich and Idle system failure. I checked the plugs to confirm the rich condition (they were black and carbon fowled. Idle at start up is approx 1500-2000, and when it warms up idle drops to 900. but sometimes it goes back to 1500-1700 and when that happens the car seems to get a miss but only at 1700rpm. it will miss like this in gear out of gear, with the clutch in or out with the car sitting or moving, I can rev past that point and the car runs well or under that rpm it is ok if I turn car off and back on issue of the miss goes away for approx 15 mins then comes back. I am beating my self senseless trying to figure it out, Help!!!!!!

I already checked/done: checked plugs (they are carbon fowled), pulled codes, got a fuel trim malfunction, system one rich and idle system malfunction. I then replaced the front O2 sensor because I didn't do it at 100k. and now I still have the system one rich and Idle system malfunction codes.

More Info required What were the number codes pulled?

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