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the clutch is spongy, goes to floor

Car: Honda, Civic, 1996     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Civic Repair Manuals

Q.the clutch on my 1996 honda civic as of today (it's been cold as ICE here) is spongy, goes to floor, and then doesn't respond until it pops at the top of its release. the stick shift still moves into gear. do i need to check fluids or simply replace my clutch? it is scary to drive :(

Answer Check the level in the clutch master cylinder first to see if its low.
If it is then you need to look for a leak. Look at the rod that connects to the pedal at the firewall under the dash see if you see brake fluid there. Let me know what you see.
heres an exploded view of the system click here.

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