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The saga continues..

Car: Honda, Civic DX, 2001     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Civic DX Repair Manuals

Q.2001 honda civic dx 4 door sedan manual 5 speed trans- the saga continues.
Needed new clutch as it went out. new clutch, full kit installed, 4 new bushings and front trans mount all done. Get car back and loud grinding whenshift from 1st - 2nd. shop thought new clutch might be bad. Put in anothe new clutch. problem not solved.
Now they gave two options:
1) replace 1st gear and synch, 2nd gear and sync,1-2 slide, seals, fluid -total $577.00 ($255 of this labor),
2) all of #1 and replace all bearing for transmission that is 427.00 labor, all total it would be around $1,100.
If only do #1, all work could be damaged if transmission goes bad. If #2 guys says car will be in good shape. It has 140,000 miles on it. What do you thin? This is 675.00 labor! Couldn't this be done cheape.
Supposedly pulled transmission for free due to clutch replacement. Why is labor so high on bearing replacement?

Answer Ok you can honestly get a salvage transmission for 250 to 300 from a salvage yard and have it installed for another 200.
So for 500 have a different transmission. It could have some issues since its a salvage unit but to rebuild this tranmssion is high and you would need to do option
2.You actually remove the transmission split the case and take all the guts out. If this happend after they did the clutch lets hope they did not forget to put transmission oil in causing this.

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