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Car starts and runs for about 6 seconds then engine dies.

Car: Honda, Accord, 1994     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord Repair Manuals

Q.Car starts and runs for about 6 seconds then engine dies. Car seems to think that it is in gear when it starts.

Answer The main relay on Honda vehicles often causes intermittent no-start and stall, especially when it's hot out. The problem begins when another component fails, like an ignition coil or an igniter.
Before isolating a no-start, you should know how Honda's main relay works. The relay is a dual relay, that means it's two relays in one. The first relay powers the computer and the other supplies power for the second relay. Once the computer is powered up, it will ground the second relay, which supplies power to the fuel pump. There are three conditions that will cause the computer to activate the fuel-pump part of the main relay:
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