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When I release the emergency brake, the BRAKE light dont' go out?

Car: Honda, Accord EX, 1999, 4 cyl - 2.3L     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord EX Repair Manuals

Q.1999 HONDA ACCORD 4 DOOR EX Since the weather got cold, when I release the emergency brake, the "BRAKE" light on the dash board doesn't go out. It does appear to release the brake but the light doesn't go out until the car is driven for a while and warms up.

I already checked/done: other than repeatedly engaging and disengaging the emergency brake, nothing. Don't know if the problem is with the parking brake switch, brake cable, or at the wheels.

Answer The cause of this is the filter and cap in the brake master cylinder. The float switch that detects brake fluid level goes bad quite often and the screen will not allow proper brake fluid flow when cold. You can replace the parts easily yourself.

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