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Heater problem

Car: Honda, Accord XL, 1995     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord XL Repair Manuals

Q.Heater problem -- replaced switch between hoses (both warm) but no warm air blows into car - only cool air. Going to replace thermostat. Manually opened switch and lukewarm air that fogged the windows so badly I had to switch on the AC most of the time.

I already checked/done: replaced heater switch between hoses that has a hook on it where spring to dashboard heater knob connects . Will replace thermostat. Only lukewarm air before that fogged the windows up so bad had to run the AC. Switch was broken between hoses so manually tried to open. No antifreeze odor. Had AC tube replaced last summer and pressurized at a repair shop.

Answer it sounds as though you just have an air pocket in the system. You should try and bleed the system again before replacing the thermostat. Have the car running while you are filling the radiator up and keep topping it off as the level drops in the radiator and run the heat at full blast until the heat is consistent in the car. If this does not fix the issue then i would say you have a bad or lazy thermostat

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