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i just had a clutch replaced

Car: Honda, Accord, 1997, 2.2L 4cyl     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord Repair Manuals

Q.i just had a mechanic replace my clutch on my 1997 honda accord 2.2 4cly.
The clutch feels better but to select 1st gear especially when pulling out of a light or parking spot is hard. When im driving it, the gear selection is normal. I took it back and told him maybe he over tightend the shift cables or somthing. He told me give a week or two for it to be seated. Is this true or he's playing with me? If not, what would be the correction to this? Please help!!

it just hard to put into gear (1st that is) for like when im pulling out from a stop or a light or whenever the car is at a complete stop.

Answer I'd have mechanic check the pedal freeplay. Sometimes this can cause your problem after a new clutch is installed.

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