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Honda / Civic questions

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1. Civic loosing power after driving it 30 mimutes
Honda, Civic, 2001

2. heating up passenger break tire issue
Honda, Civic, 1983

3. how to replace the weatherstrip on thpassenger side door?
Honda, civic dx, 2008

4. Engine block replaced
Honda, Civic EX, 2008

5. why will car not move forward or backward why turned on and running?
Honda, Civic LX, 1990

Honda, Civic LX, 2004

7. Lacking spark to all 4 spark plugs
Honda, Civic DX, 1995

8. my 1994 honda civic dx smokes blue
Honda, Civic DX, 1994

9. 2001 honda civic LX 4dr I am guessing that I need a new knock sensor.
Honda, Civic LX 4d, 2001

10. 1994 honda Civic Oil pan removal
Honda, Civic DX, 1994

11. My civic is buring too much fuel
Honda, Civic, 1999

12. where is my ATS sensor on my 2009 civic si sedan
Honda, Civic Si, 2009

13. My 1993 civic dx hatch was overheating!
Honda, Civic DX, 1993

14. ny car wont start, obd2 codes are all good?
Honda, Civic, 2002

15. Why does my 2004 honda civic keep blowing the ecu.
Honda, Civic, 2004

16. 94 honda civic sunroof problems
Honda, Civic EX, 1994

17. i have a 96 civic ex driver door window switch not working.
Honda, Civic EX, 1996

18. My clutch pedal all the way down and there is no pressure against my foot.
Honda, Civic DX, 1992

19. Clutch is gone... -img-
Honda, Civic, 1991

20. Shaking, rubbing/grinding noise when in gear
Honda, Civic HX, 1998

21. How do I replace a clutch on a 1997 Honda Civic LX?
Honda, Civic LX, 1997

22. my car wont start .
Honda, Civic LX, 1994

23. The saga continues..
Honda, Civic DX, 2001

24. clutch pedal sometimes will not come back up on its own.
Honda, Civic, 1994

25. the clutch is spongy, goes to floor
Honda, Civic, 1996

26. For some reason if I plug in the MAP Sensor the car will idle rough and die. -img-
Honda, Civic DX, 1995

27. 90 thousand timing belt replacement question
Honda, Civic LX, 2001

28. The fuel pump is not pumping.
Honda, Civic, 1993

29. My clutch went out on my 98' Honda Civic. -img-
Honda, Civic, 1998

30. Loud pitched squeel ...
Honda, Civic EX, 2004

31. I own a 2007 Civic sedan which constantly cups rear tires.
Honda, Civic, 2007

32. Engine light is on.
Honda, Civic, 1999

33. Civic overheating still!
Honda, Civic, 1995

34. How much should a complete brake job on both front brakes cost?
Honda, Civic EX, 2002

35. Rubbing noise from tranny
Honda, Civic EX, 2003

36. Timing belt question -img-
Honda, Civic, 1998

37. Car is overheating and is losing antifreeze I can't find any leaks.
Honda, Civic EX, 2005

38. Error codes -img-
Honda, Civic Si, 2000

39. How to replace rear brakes on a Honda Civic 2001? -img-
Honda, Civic, 2001

40. just installed rebuilt...
Honda, Civic EX, 1998

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