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2001 honda civic LX 4dr I am guessing that I need a new knock sensor.

Car: Honda, Civic LX 4d, 2001, 1.7     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Repair Manuals

Q.2001 honda civic LX 4dr I am guessing that I need a new knock sensor.
I have checked everything the fuel touches and they all test OK (by a repair shop) My gas mileage dropped when I had 15,000. I used to be getting 42 to 45 at 80 mph. Then it dropped to 28 to 32. I would add cleaner and the next tank would be 42 to 45.
This fix would not last and now a cleaner has no effect until this last trip. I add cleaner and isopropyl alcohol and got 40 mpg. Engine ran smoother, no surging, and seemed to have more power. Next tank of 87 Octane and 32mpg. Next premium 93 Octane and 38mpg. All i can think of is the knock sensor. If I am correct, is it hard to replace?

I already checked/done: checked the injectors - ok fuel pump - ok replaced O2 (both) sensors - no effect checked timing - ok replaced spark plugs - no effect 87 octane with cleaner and isopropyl alcohol - big effect only on that tank full

More Info required Ok is there any check engine light on? How many miles on the car.

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