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my 1994 honda civic dx smokes blue

Car: Honda, Civic DX, 1994, 1.5     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Civic DX Repair Manuals

Q.My civic just started smoking a few days after i put a new timming belt on it. It smokes a blue color from my tailpipe when i start it and it smokes for bout 30 sec. then stops. when i takeoff it smokes up until 50mph and it doesnt smoke. when i push the clutch in and stop no smoke till i takeoff again. if anyone has a suggestion please let me know im open to anything that will help my car. thanks.

I already checked/done: Im in the process of changing the rotor cap, spark plugs, plug wires, and try gm top cylinder cleaner to see if that will help.

Answer How old is your car? I guess 20 years. Ho many miles on the engine?
This is a result of an old piston rings. They no longer hold oil as good as they supposed to.
Ring job requires qualification and should be considered a major overhaul. At the same time when piston job is done you want to hone the engine as well.
Job itself is quite expensive and engine replacement probably a better option.
If you can live with your engine smoking a little - that is fine. When it gets worse - then it's probably time to address the issue.
It is not a simple thing to fix.

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