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Honda / Civic questions

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41. ECU light comes on and stays on with a no start condition.
Honda, Civic, 1991

42. I had to replace a bad heater hose.
Honda, Civic, 1997

43. When it starts it runs great but it sometimes will not start. -img-
Honda, Civic, 1994

44. 94 civic and the check engine light is on and it has a irregular idle. -img-
Honda, Civic, 94

45. My Civic wont run it'll turn over and idle for 30 sec but then it dies
Honda, Civic, 1989

46. Drivers side electric lock will not lock
Honda, Civic, 2001

47. I believe we have an electrical problem with the car.
Honda, Civic, 2001

48. My 1997 Honda Civic is idling rough
Honda, Civic, 1997

49. Radio has no sound at all when car is started
Honda, Civic EX, 1999

50. Sputtering/bogging for no reason
Honda, Civic, 1996

51. My civic dx has a higher than normal idle
Honda, Civic DX, 1991

52. The fuel door doesn't work.
Honda, Civic EX, 2004

53. I need to replace the oil pan on my Civic
Honda, Civic EX, 1999

54. I am having a very unusual overheating problem.
Honda, Civic, 1987

55. The engine management light came on as well as the alternator non-charging light.
Honda, Civic SE, 2001

56. 03 honda civic no heat.
Honda, Civic, 2003

57. 2002 Honda Civic.
Honda, Civic, 2002

58. Car does not want to start this morning
Honda, Civic, 2000

59. When steering to the right I hear high pitched squealing coming from front
Honda, Civic, 1995

60. Car sometimes would not start
Honda, Civic LX, 1993

61. The passenger power window does not work on my Civic.
Honda, Civic, 1997

62. Just purchased a 2007 Honda Civic w/12000 miles.
Honda, Civic Hybrid, 2007

63. I am looking for ways to inexpensively increase my fuel mileage and horse power.
Honda, Civic Si, 2004

64. My 2004 Civic EX has started to shake when I am putting the car in first gear.
Honda, Civic, 2004

65. My civic sounds like diesel
Honda, Civic EX, 1995

66. Check engine light came on.
Honda, Civic, 1988

67. replacing rear brake pads on 2006 civic EX.
Honda, Civic EX, 2006

68. the car will no start, just keeps cranking
Honda, Civic, 1999

69. Dies at idle and will not restart
Honda, Civic, 1994

70. When stepping on the clutch it clicks twice. Does it need grease?
Honda, Civic, 2003

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