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Honda / Prelude questions

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1. starter is not engaging when pushing in clutch
Honda, Prelude, 1989

2. rear seal 1992' honda prelude
Honda, Prelude, 1992

3. starter problems heelpp
Honda, Prelude Si, 1989

4. after startup car shakes when in neutral and gas is pressed
Honda, Prelude Si, 1989

5. 1989 honda prelude single head 2.2 leter
Honda, Prelude, 1989

6. 99 honde prelude Auto tran jerk back in forth
Honda, Prelude, 1999

7. My ECU display says my problem is with my ignition output
Honda, Prelude, 1989

8. Car won't start at times.
Honda, Prelude, 1998

9. Prelude idling problem -img-
Honda, Prelude, 1989

10. I have a 97 prelude that won't start.
Honda, Prelude, 1997

11. PGM-FI light comes on, led on PCM flashes 12 times -img-
Honda, Prelude Si, 1986

12. My Prelude was vandalized, possibly something damaging was poured into gas tank.
Honda, Prelude, 1993

13. Whenever I press in my clutch, my car stalls.
Honda, Prelude, 1997

14. recently my prelude has developed a serious oil leak
Honda, Prelude, 1999

15. My clutch went..
Honda, Prelude, 1992

16. Need to reset radio on a 1996 Prelude.
Honda, Prelude, 1996

17. i have a h23 engine, i put the distributor wires on backwards..
Honda, Prelude, 1995

18. Check Engine light came on.
Honda, Prelude, 1989

19. Radio is going on and off. Any ideas? -img-
Honda, Prelude, 2001

20. I have a 1994 honda prelude and the front left wheel has come off!
Honda, Prelude, 1994

21. Car would not start in cold weather
Honda, Prelude, 1989

22. Car started shifting hard and acted like it was slipping
Honda, Prelude, 1997

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