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99 honde prelude Auto tran jerk back in forth

Car: Honda, Prelude, 1999, vtec     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Prelude Repair Manuals

Q.What wrong with the car? Wat do I need to fix it? Is it the tranny, motor mount or the shift solenoid.
Also replaced the tranny fluid.
I just replaced the tranny for a year ago with a use tranny.
the mile is about 197,000 miles
also replace the front motor mount all the rest are original
one of my friends say the shift solenoid and one my cousin say the motor mount for the front and back because if u change the front u have to change the back too. So wat u guys think

I already checked/done: prelude automatic transmission problem jerk back in forth when u put in reverse.
No engine light flashing or d light
there is no grinding going on either. It feels to me as if its not downshifting correctly at that point. It jerk itself isn't so rough if i release the brake to allow the car to pop forward a little more smoothly when i feel it downshifting.I've been having this tranmission jerk when shifting from 1st to 2nd.It seems like when the RPM hits 3000 the tranny would want to go to
neutral before shifting up to 2nd, and when it shifts the car will
jerk. Depending on the timing of the engagement, the jerk can be both
minor and major.

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