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I have a 1994 honda prelude and the front left wheel has come off!

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Q.I have a 1994 honda prelude and the front left wheel has come off!
I dont know squat about cars, but the tow truck driver said that the suspension had broke and I think he said something about the steering shaft broke as well. He also mentioned that it looked like it was only being held by the cv joints...
I was just wondering if this is a do it yourself job, or for a mechanic? oh and how much?

Answer The wheel is attached through a wheel bearing to a component known as the steering knuckle; this part pivots back and forth when you turn the steering wheel much like a door.
At the top and bottom of the knuckle are ball and socket joints called Ball joints; these function much like the hinges of the door. It sounds as iif at the very least you ahve broken one or both ball joints; this could have resulted in damage to other components when this happened, or there can be other sateering or suspension components that are worn out and ready to fail in much the same way. You are really very fortunate that this failure did not .. >> login for more

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