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my 1999 audi A 6 will not start.

Car: Audi, A6, 1999     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Audi Repair Manuals 1999 audi A 6 will not start. it cranks and occasionally fires but does not start. it was running fine with no roughness.

I already checked/done: just tried to start it. cranked intermittently for about 5 minutes until the battery was weak.

Answer The 1998 - 2001 2.8L 30 valve motors (ATQ, AHA) are prone to "flooding" when cold. This condition is typically brought on after a short drive cycle on a cold engine. A classic example would be starting the vehicle cold, pulling it out of the garage, and shutting it off, attempting to start the next morning. When attempting to start cold in the a. M. the engine will be difficult to start, and run poorly if at all. This is usually caused by carbon particles (byproduct of combustion) getting stuck on the valve seats and not allowing them to seal. The reduction in compression does not provide sufficient pressure and the combus.. >> login for more

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