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Fixing Main lights switch on CRX Si 1990

I assume that second gen CRX-es have similar (if not identical) main switches through all production years. Information posted here could only be used as a reference and not as approved procedure by any means.

See Picture - Switch before. I had this problem with my main lights switch. When I turn light on, side markers and all dash lights were not on.
I had to twinkle with the switch to turn them on but when I turn right blinker - they go off again.
So I decided to take it apart and see what's up.

See Picture - Switch assembled. I will not be covering the procedure on how to remove the steering wheel and lights switch assembly off the steering column. It's pretty much straight forward and at the end you'd have to have switch in your hands.

See Picture - Verify layout picture. While I was taking switch apart I was taking pictures to make sure I can put together all the small parts.
I had pictures on my laptop and it helped a lot to figure out what's where.
I was the first time inside that switch.

See Picture - Switch taken apart.Zoom
See Picture - Inside the switch. As I was digging-in I was taking pictures from the different angles and as you can see on the left pictures I have found soon enough what was causing the problem. Worn slider contacts.
You can see them better pointed by arrows on the picture below. All I did is swapped contacts on the slider, cleaned and greased them. That was it. I put it back together and the whole switch works like new.

See Picture - Worn contacts. Worn points of the slider contacts pointed by red arrows on this picture.
The whole procedure took me about an hour to fix the whole switch, never mind I started at dask so I had some fun putting my steering wheel back together with a flashlight.


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