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CRX Engine Assembly Specifications

information provided for Honda CRX 1988-1991 USA Specs

Firing order: 1-3-4-2

Torque Specifications
Camshaft sprocket bolt273.74
Camshaft cover crown nuts70.97
Crankshaft damper bolt 84-878311.49
Crankshaft damper bolt 88 - 9111916.47
Cylinder head bolts Step 1223.04
Cylinder head bolts Step 2496.8
Flywheel bolts - manual tranny7610.5
Flywheel bolts - auto tranny547.47
Exhaust manifold to cylinder head bolts223.04
Exhaust manifold to header pipe self locking nuts334.57
Exhaust manifold bracket bolts202.77
Intake manifold bracket bolts162.21
Intake manifold part A to part B nuts172.35
Intake manifold to cylinder head bolts162.21
Oil pan bolts91.25
Oil pick up tube bolts172.35
Oil pump to engine block bolts/nuts91.25
Oil pump screen bolts81.11
Oil pump cover screws50.69
Oil filter housing bolts91.25
Rocker arm shaft pedestal bolts162.21
Rocker arm shaft end cap bolts91.25
Timing belt adjustment bolt314.29

Valve Clearances
12 and 16 valve engines
Intake and auxiliary valves0.007 - 0.0090.17 - 0.22
Exhaust Valves (carbureted 12 valve engine)0.007 - 0.0090.17 - 0.22
Exhaust Valves (all others)0.009 - 0.0110.22 - 0.27
8 valve engine
Intake valves0.005 - 0.0070.12 - 0.17
Exhaust valve0.007 - 0.0090.17 - 0.22

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