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2011 Honda Civic DX-VP - First Impression

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Nothing beats the smell of a brand new car - that's the very first impression of pretty much any new car I have ever had.
One thing about Honda/Acura cars is that they keep general switches and buttons in pretty much the same places and it feels very natural in any car.

The only different in newer Civics is position of a shifter and e-brake handle. On my taste - totally un-natural.
It is my understanting that Honda moves towards the house-wifes and new drivers but for manual transmission shifter position feels really odd. Although my Civic is automatic.
Using e-brake to lock the rear wheels while driving requires a lot of new learning and/or re-learning.

Civiv DX-VP is probably the most basic model among Civics line. I did not really care for options and such.
First few miles in a car felt really nice - car was quiet enough except for the first gear - louder than any new car I drove.

After first 50 miles - engine developed slight valves knock. Fifth gear became the only one quiet enough not to hear it - probably because other noises more noticeable at higher speeds.

Engine is quiet enough while cruising. While accelerating - engine noise quite noticeable.
Shifting-up is flawless and very appropriate to acceleration, although downshifting is not always on-time if immediate acceleration required.
Exchaust is louder than one would expect of a new car.

Main Review Page   -   Review Posts

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