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My audi battery died on me after trying twice to start my car.

Car: Audi, A4, 1996, v6     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Audi Repair Manuals

Q.I need help finding out what happened to my car today. I came outside this morning and start it up, drove to school parked it and turned it off, i came back a later on tried to start it, it wouldnt turn over, so i turned ignition off immediately and tried to start again immediately. Then the car died along with the battery. I left and came back a couple hours later and tried again, the battery had enough juice to power the interior accessories, but when i turned the ignition over the battery died again. I had to have it jumped which didnt start it right away so i let it charge it for a couple minutes and it started. I drove it home, parked it and turned the car off. I came back out later on in the night, much later, and tried to start the car, all the lights came on, but when i turned over the ignition, it died again completely. Can someone please help me with this problem.

I already checked/done: I jumped it
Cleaned the battery posts.

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