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Getting po351 code and missing on 1 and 4 cylinders.

Car: Ford, Focus, 2001, 2.0 ztec     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Ford Repair Manuals

Q.My 2001 ford focus is getting po351 code and missing on 1 and 4 cylinders.
I have read up on the problem and it is somewhat intermittant so I dont want to change the coil yet as I suspect a possible grounding issue in the PCM. Any ideas on what to test first?

I already checked/done: New plugs and wires

Answer I really think it is the coil and not a ground. Its not common for a ground to go out. The coil would be my first choice. Also the ignition coils are triggered by the PCM in pairs (cylinders 1 and 4 and cylinders 2 and 3) sending one ignition spark to the firing cylinder and one ignition spark to the corresponding cylinder on the exhaust stroke.

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