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my 1991 crx will not start.

Car: Honda, CRX, 1991     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX Repair Manuals 1991 crx will not start. changed; plugs, wires, dist. cap/button, fuel filter/turned the key on and fuel cam out; check engine light comes on and goes off after 2 sec., i hear the click and i can hear the fuel pump turning on. when i turn the key on it wants to start but is cuts off after only a second or two. help?

Answer There may be a couple of things you want to check.
Main relay (underneath driver's side dash)-solder contacts inside break, controls both power to fuel & spark.
Igniter, coil, & distributor (both located inside the distributor housing)-may fail for whatever reason & mechanical & electrical reasons within the distributor.
Ignition switch (electrical portion behind key cylinder)-part fails for whatever reason.
Now I would start with the ignition switch, try wiggling the key while in the ignition & start the car. If the car starts you know that is bad. Next, pulling codes for the check engine light. You can access a 2 wire co.. >> login for more

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