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Cylinder 4 misfire

Car: Acura, RSX, 2005, 2.0LiVTEC z1     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Acura Repair Manuals

Q.i have an 05 rsx-s. i misshifted and soon afterward check mil light came on. i read the code and it was a cylinder 4 misfire. i changed the plugs - it stayed illuminated. i switched 1 & 4 coil packs and still cylinder 4 misfire. i run 44k every 15-20k and so i expected the injectors to be ok. Finally i did a compression test and to my horror cylinder 4 only 90psi while the others between 150 & 155 psi. bent valves? exhaust or intake? what kind of machine work am i lookin at? is an engine swap the way to go?

I want to know my options and whats recommended. I would also like to know if there is any route with Acura that would help me - afterall this happened when the car was still under warranty, but the local service manager blew me off and said since it was documented as a mis-shift it's my fault and Acura won't help. I have 90psi compression in cylinder 4 from bent valve(s) and i want some professional unbaised advise please!

Answer Unfortunately this is usually pretty expensive when it happens. Since it still has 90 psi it just bent a few valves (usually intake) the guide will be broken as well. Dont drive it as it will cause more damage. If it's just the valves the machine work will usually run about $400.00 . motors for these are not easy to find since they get blown up pretty often. So it might be easer to fix what you have. Change the timing chain as well as they stretch when these hit in most cases.

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