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Locked-up A/C compressor

Car: Acura, RSX, 2001, 3.2     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Acura Repair Manuals

Q.I have a 2001 Acura rsx. The Ac compressor is locked up (according to Goodwrench) Is there any in line fuses or anything else to check. Repairs quoted at 2K plus. Is changing the compressor difficult. Online price w/ clutch is $300 or so.

I already checked/done: Checked all AC fuses. Ac quit shortly after the clutch was changed. Had it checked at Goodyear and was told compressor is locked up. They are asking 2k to change seems very high. Online price of compressor is $300.

Answer Their price is more than high, its basic highway robbery. With a locked up compressor, you will need to replace the compressor and the receiver/drier, flush the system and then evacuate and recharge the system.
Labor time is as follows:
compressor - 1.8hrs
receiver/drier - 1.1 hrs
flush - 0.3 hrs
evacuate/recharge- 1.4hrs
total - 4.6 hours labor. Even if labor is $100 per hour, it would be $460 labor
even using a factory compressor from the dealership, compressor is only $675, receiver/drier is $75, and refrigerent will run about $60
total parts - $810
total using Acura factory parts and using $100 per hour as labor rate -.. >> login for more

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