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I believe my fuel pump is bad.

Car: Honda, CRX Si, 1991, 1.6L     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX Si Repair Manuals

Q.I have a 1991 honda crx si and I believe my fuel pump is bad. When I hear it run for about 2 seconds when I turn the key, the car will start right up. When I don't hear it run, of course, the car will not turn over. Is there anything else it could be? If that is the problem, what would be the avg cost for labor and parts for this model? Thanks a lot.

Answer If the diagnosis finds a faulty pump it is replaced with part#17708SH3A36 Cost of part is $347.53 and is a 1.4 hours labor and would not include draining or re filling the tank if needed. It is possible to get an aftermarket pump for less. The price above is for a factory Honda pump. Yes it could be something else but will require testing of the indavidual components and reqiures testing equipment.
There is a procedure to test the pump that requires removal of parts and using jump wires, Its a little technical. If you want to try yourself i can give you the instructions, Simply reply back to here. Otherwise any repair shop.. >> login for more

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