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Neither the turn signals nor the hazard lights work.

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Q.I have a 1989 Honda Accord LXi 2 door coupe. Neither the turn signals nor the hazard lights work. No light on dash, no exterior lights...nothing. Checked fuses under dash and under hood (all OK), also swapped flasher relay. Still nothing. Jiggled hazard switch because I read that if not all the way off, turn signals won't work. Still nothing. Also, possibly another clue: turn signals were working, but right front bulb was out...after changing bulb, no turn signals at all. :o( Help?

The fuses to check are the #10 in the underhood fuse block and #2 in the dash fuse block. Have you tried removing the bulb you installed? The bulb should say 1156 or 2056 on the side and have one terminal on the base. Do you have a test light or voltmeter if you need to go further than the bulb and fuses?
Let me know what you can try on this.

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